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Troy Buchanan High School

On behalf of our faculty and staff, I welcome you to Troy Buchanan High School.

Troy Buchanan High School has a long-standing tradition of excellence in the classroom and a proud reputation in extra and co-curricular activities.  I expect each of you to meet the standards our school and district have set, and to carry forward the superior tradition of this school along with the communities it represents.  Our goal is to make your high school years a positive learning experience and as educationally challenging as possible. If you encounter difficulties throughout the year, I encourage you to seek out a member of our professionally trained staff so that we may do our best to assist you.

Troy Buchanan High School has a wide variety of programs available to you.  You can take advantage of these numerous opportunities by being an active learner in the classroom as well as a positive participant in our extra and co-curricular activities. 

I look forward to working with you in order to accomplish your educational goals.

-Trojan Pride-

Brian Brown, Principal